Lego Candy Machine V8 -The Ultimate-

This is the ULTIMATE lego candy machine it has a coin rejection, 2 options, 2 different prices, change, lego change machine with coin rejection, a secret storage and a lego combination safe (3 numbers)! :D Thumb up and subscribe for more lego candy machine and if you thing it’s the best lego candy machine on YouTube xD This machine took me 13 hours to build. It works with canadien money! xD


  1. manysonic17 says:

    Wow Ō0Ō

  2. ultralegoguy says:

    this is the best lego candy machine creation i’ve seen so far.

  3. MegaScooter500 says:

    @matrix040490 please make a tut i think your vids are the best !!!

  4. MegaScooter500 says:

    i will pay you $5 if you make tut what do you say

  5. DesignersOfLego says:

    i love that song and omg l:0

  6. ReachBeta1 says:

    I saw this and was like :O

  7. Electriclegobrick says:

    best one ever

  8. wiktoria98 says:

    It would be awesome if you made a tutorial! This machine is just EPIC!

  9. matrix040490 says:

    @epichappiny Maybe!

  10. epichappiny says:

    @matrix040490 Any tut?

  11. epichappiny says:

    @matrix040490 kk

  12. epichappiny says:

    @epichappiny Ok ;3

  13. matrix040490 says:

    @legogurl20502 Your welcome!

  14. legogurl20502 says:

    @matrix040490 Thanks for the answer and thanks for the invitation….

  15. matrix040490 says:

    @legogurl20502 Windows Movie Maker Live…

  16. legogurl20502 says:

    @matrix040490 please tell me where do you edit your videos? pls reply ASAP

  17. totallypayton says:

    HOLY CRAP Thats amazing!

  18. ThePDwarfs says:

    this is awesome and much like lectrickydragonites v 27 there the best lego candy machines ive seen in the world

  19. brickStudio056 says:


  20. matrix040490 says:

    @ourhouse55 xD

  21. ourhouse55 says:

    this is definitey, in my opinion DA BEST ON YOUTUBE! NICE WORK!!

  22. matrix040490 says:

    @LegoBrick760 … xD

  23. LegoBrick760 says:

    13 HOURS! Wow, your fast!!

  24. epichappiny says:


  25. matrix040490 says:

    @westheath001 Maybe

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